Etape Pennine results

10 10 2012

Well I finished (1st out of our group of 7). Only walked for 10 yards after falling off the bike going up hill due to cramp in my left leg and being unable to get my foot out of the cleats quick enough. 78 miles of riding…seems like 20 miles of hills. Felt really good for finishing, though Nigel gets the prize for preparation, too many Jack Daniels on Friday night, 16 miles of training in preparation and numerous cigarettes around the course!

A mention must go to Mark who battled on up the hills…before his lack of training ensured his body gave up, he did have the third quickest Sprint time.

Forename Surname Total Pos SPRINT Rank KOTM Rank
Andy Webster 131 06:06:54 545 00:01:48 325 00:15:53 950
William Finlay 66 06:10:08 576 00:01:47 290 00:15:46 936
Nigel Collins 156 06:52:59 994 00:02:35 1318 00:19:46 1232
james Barter 227 06:55:43 1008 00:02:34 1311 00:17:43 1121
James Baird 223 06:57:58 1024 00:02:24 1225 00:22:50 1293
Stephen Smith 274 09:01:08 1327 00:02:31 1293 00:30:06 1348
Mark Collins DNF 00:02:21 1177 00:27:39 1342

The Etape Pennine 2012

2 10 2012

5 days to go to the Etape Pennine. Only 77.6 miles of hilly closed roads.

I have joined Team Collins, 7 brave lads of varying fitness gritting their teeth and using every last ounce of stored energy from fat stores.

As per normal completely underprepared, not enough training and of course have not had time to service the bike.

I have my new overshoes and photochromic glasses on order from Wiggle, hopefully they will arrive on time.

Will post some pictures up here when I get back, in the meantime take a look at the Official Web page.




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